Our sales competencies set standards for sales excellence.

A gap analysis between these standards and the assessed competencies of sales professionals establish key developmental priorities. Once these priorities are determined, a competency development plan is established – both short-term and longer-term.

By rigorously pursuing the developmental plan, a sales professional will proactively improve capabilities in each core competency dimension. The competency standards and progressive certification assessments provide measurement criteria and method to assure that improvement is being realized and converted to sales performance.

PLAYER MAP certification can be earned at three professionally demanding and progressive levels – Producer, Performer and Player. It is  a long-term professional journey of competency development and accreditation. It’s designed to help sales people excel and win more. Each level requires developed and validated competencies in the 10 dimensions of sales excellence.

We also offer a certification process for sales managers charged with orchestrating the development and performance of intact sales teams.

Not every sales person will become a Player.

The goal of PLAYER MAP certification is to help sales professionals accelerate their progress on the Producer- Performer- Player capability continuum and realize their potential. PLAYER MAP certification provides a process methodology to identify learning needs and to hasten competency development.

Getting Started.

At a high level, the certification journey starts with an initial competency assessment to determine current capabilities compared to the sales competency standards. This gap analysis provides an evidence-based platform to establish developmental strategies and priorities, and to design short-term and longer-term development plans. The certification process thereafter centers on practical and proven methods to acquire the knowledge, build the skills and develop the abilities that successful sales professionals exhibit in competitively intensive and complex selling environments. 

The Preliminary Competency Assessment provides a platform for a preliminary evaluation of your sales competencies – a composite evaluation of the 10 critical competencies required for sales excellence.

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