Sales excellence can be readily validated by the consistent achievement of stretch sales targets set by companies and consistently achieved by the best performers.

But to reach this level of achievement and to sustain these results year-on-year takes more than effort, it takes a highly developed skill set.

Over the last two decades we have worked with and studied successful sales people in some of the world’s best and most prestigious companies.

Consistently the most successful sales professionals role model a series of discernible and definable core competencies:

  • They excel at sales skills, sales strategy, sales process management, and customer relationship management
  • They possess deep market knowledge, strong industry relationships and comprehensive product and/or service knowledge
  • They are emotionally intelligent, serve as peer leaders within their own organization and with customers, possess outstanding communications skills and consistently hit their numbers

We’ve codified and distilled these capabilities into their core elements so that we can help sales professionals understand the DNA of sales excellence.

Then using proven techniques of best practice competency improvement we have created an engaging, intensive and experientially-rich professional development process to help guide and catalyze accelerated progression to sales excellence.