For over 20 years PLAYER MAP has been the sales process of choice for thousands of salespeople and hundreds of companies worldwide.

Why? Because it’s simple, it works and—using PLAYER MAP—sales people win more!

But sales mastery takes more than a world class methodology. It takes sales professionals with the capability to build enduring client relationships, skillfully position products and services to advantage and out-compete rivals.

Recognizing this, PLAYER MAP has created a Sales Certification Process to provide a systematic and sustaining route to competitive sales mastery for sales professionals and sales teams.

Based upon the proven principles of PLAYER MAP and best practices of professional development and learning, sales professionals and sales teams engage in an intensive, experientially-rich development process that builds the 10 core competencies of sales excellence.

PLAYER MAP Certification Overview Presentation

PLAYER MAP certification works for professionally-ambitious individuals, intact sales teams and at enterprise-level. Companies can private label the certification methodologies and embed into their core talent development practices.

PLAYER MAP certification can be self-guided, sales manager- guided, trusted advisor-guided or PLAYER MAP coach-guided. It really depends on needs, circumstances and preferences.

The intention is to provide a robust and practical development platform to help sales professionals significantly improve their competencies. Periodic assessments test competency development and provide the opportunity for next level certification accreditation as/when individuals believe that they are ready.